Making Noise – Megan Reilly

I woke up this morning wanting to hear some new music. After making a cup of coffee, I decided that I would listen to everything that came to my inbox overnight. I usually try to preview all new music that is sent to me but it’s been a little busy lately. It turned out that there were about twelve music-related email for my ears to enjoy. Many of the tracks didn’t make it far but a few did. The first was I’m Gone from Tamaryn. Next up was ShadowBox’s new EP “Haunted by Colors” streamed from the Fader.  Then came Megan Reilly’s The Lady of Leitrim from her album “The Well.”

In this song, Megan tells the story of her great-aunt, who immigrated to America from Ireland. She was quickly overcome by life so far away from home and drowned in the East River. The beautiful new video premiered last week at National Geographic, who declared, “Shot in Iceland, it’s a heady, heavy video; a slow-burning Celtic lament illuminated by Reilly’s incandescent voice.” Download the MP3 and watch the video below.

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