Avid Introduces Pro Tool 2023.3 with Support for Apple Silicon

Pro Tools 2023.3 is the latest version of Avid’s popular audio production software that introduces several new features and improvements. One of the most notable enhancements in this release is the support for Apple Silicon. This means that Pro Tools now runs natively on Apple’s latest M1 processors, delivering faster performance and improved efficiency.

In addition to Apple Silicon support, Pro Tools 2023.3 includes several new features that make it easier and more efficient to create high-quality audio productions. For example, the software now includes an enhanced score editor that provides users with a more intuitive and flexible way to edit and view musical notation. This feature is particularly helpful for users who work with orchestral and choral music.

Another new feature in Pro Tools 2023.3 is the inclusion of the Avid Video Engine. This engine provides users with an easy way to import and edit video files directly within Pro Tools, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications. This feature is especially helpful for users who work on audio for film, television, or video game production.

Pro Tools 2023.3 also includes improvements to the user interface and workflow. The software now includes a redesigned mixer interface that makes it easier to access and control various parameters, such as EQ, dynamics, and sends. Additionally, the software now includes a customizable menu bar that allows users to access their favorite features and commands quickly.

Overall, Pro Tools 2023.3 is a significant update that delivers several new features and improvements. With native support for Apple Silicon, an enhanced score editor, Avid Video Engine, and improved user interface and workflow, this release is sure to be a hit among audio professionals who rely on Pro Tools to create their best work.

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