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The Noise Room got a taste of some new music over the weekend and we’re excited to share it with you today. It comes from elle belle, a garage rock band from Los Angeles, CA. They formed in 2013 and are set to release their debut tringle You Better Mean It independently. After listening to the tringle on repeat all weekend we decided to reach out and talk to Elle about the music, the band, and the songwriting/recording process. You can read the interview below as well as check out some of the music.

How did elle belle come to be?

elle belle had been brewing for a while. Still brewing. It came from freeing myself to do whatever came out. I know that sounds strange, and I know it seems that as a songwriter you shouldn’t ever put restrictions on yourself. Isn’t that the point? And yes, that’s true: that’s the ideal – and with other projects sometimes I’m able to achieve it, I’m able to reach that moment where it feels like total freedom. Sometimes not. elle belle is all the moments I’m able to be free, strung together.

Can you tell us how was this recorded? Did you do it all yourself or did you bring in others?

Drums were recorded at my buddy Taylor’s house. Me and my friend Kyle went in and I just banged out some stuff. I got back with the sessions and felt really overwhelmed sifting through it. It didn’t feel right. So I called Kyle and asked if we could just do them again. We focused on three. I then took those home and the tracks came together perfectly. I recorded the rest at my apartment in los felix.

I’ve never heard of a “tringle” before. What is it?

A three song single… a side / b side / c side….

While Elle Belle is still you, it is a bit of a departure. Was this something you planned on?

Or arrival, or re-imagining, or return to form…. In a lot of ways I do feel like I’ve circled back on myself… It’s more of a return. A lot of elements from my youth are here, and it feels great. Things I abandoned. Things I thought I had moved on from… and its clicking again.

Can we expect more music or shows from elle belle?

Definitely more of both. I’ve got a great band lined up, a lot of talented friends joining up with me. I’ll be putting out 3 more songs in a few months… and I’ll keep releasing this music until it tells me to stop.

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