Making Noise – Bloody Knives

We’ve been turning up the volume in our Making Noise series and this week is no exception. Bloody Knives is an Austin based band that consists of Preston Maddox (voice/bass/sounds), Jake McCown (drums), Kim Calderon (samples) and Christo Buffam (keyboards). Described by SPIN as the “Boo Radleys plus angst,” the band’s constant touring has spread their reputation as an explosive live act, with dense layers of sound and blasts of noise.

Peeling Away The Skin is the final track from Bloody Knives’ latest “Death” released on Saint Marie Records. You can stream or download the track below:

Bloody Knives Press:

“Armed with a singer/bassist, drummer and sound manipulator, the Knives answer the question, “What would happen if Mission of Burma kicked Roger Miller out and let both Martin Swope and Bob Shellac run wild?”
– PopMatters

“Some bands ditch the bass, opting instead for one or two guitars that can play the low notes when needed. The guys in Austin rock/stoner metal/psychedelic band Bloody Knives do the opposite (at least in a live setting), proving that the bass/drums/synthesizer setup can work for a rock band. What’s more is that the Knives’ music comes across as thoughtful as it is forceful on stage.”
Austin American Statesman

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