Favorite Five Releases from 2013

2013 was quite a year. There were a number of losses including Lou Reed, Nelson Mandela, and James Gandolfini. While they weren’t all musicians, each had an impact on music in their own way. On the opposite side, there was a lot of great music this year. Some of my most memorable live shows were Mount Moriah at the Bottom of the Hill, The Eastern Sea at South by Southwest, and My Bloody Valentine at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

Below is a list of my favorite albums of the year along with a playlist of tracks from those albums. There were other releases that could have made the list however these were some that I kept going back to. Enjoy! and feel free to post your favorites below.

Coke WeedBack to Soft
John VandersliceDagger Beach
Dead Leaf EchoThought & Language
Nadine ShahLove Your Dum and Mad

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