Making Noise – Smoke Fairies

Here at The Noise Room we’ve been enjoying Smoke Fairies’ self-titled new album which is set for release in North America on May 20th on Full Time Hobby. Above we have the video for Eclipse Them All.

In 2013 Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies of Smoke Fairies took themselves to a remote recording studio in Kent with producer Kristofer Harris. “It was on a very old industrial estate,” says Davies. “It was a really eccentric area – it used to be a council office, now there’s a bubble car garage, a tattoo parlour and a granite workshop. It just physically felt so distant from anything to do with the music industry.” It was there that they set about crafting their latest album, calling on their bandmates and old touring friends such as drummer Andy Newmark (Sly and the Family Stone, Roxy Music, John Lennon) to help out.

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