Video Premiere – Wired Minds “Strange Kind of Love”

The Noise Room is happy to present the video premiere of Strange Kind of Love off the upcoming release “Saudade” from Wired Minds. The Chicago-based band is inspired by The Stone Roses, The Church, and ’80s and ’90s British rock. Wired Minds will release their debut EP “Saudade” at Metro Chicago on Friday, December 11. The free limited edition three-song EP will be a preview of Wired Minds’ debut full-length record, due out in early 2016. We asked Matthew Kayser (lead vocals/synths) a few questions about the band via email:

Can you tell us a little bit about your band?

Wired Minds is comprised of Matthew Kayser (lead vocals/synths), Fred O’Neal (guitars/synths), and Christian Volpe (drums). We formed in 2015 via Chicago’s Craigslist. We are currently preparing for a couple of big Chicago shows in early 2016 and the release of our first full-length in late winter.

Can you give us some background on the writing of this album?

“Saudade” was written over the course of a few weeks. Fred had written all the music for “Saudade” and our upcoming full-length before Wired Minds formed. Once we got together, I wrote the vocal parts and Christian added his drums. We chose these three songs for this release and can’t wait to let people hear the rest of our stuff on the full-length.

Do you have your own studio or did you record it elsewhere?

“Saudade” was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Fred’s home studio in Chicago.

We like to hear about gear at The Noise Room. Are there any key pieces of equipment that you must have for recording or playing live?

Here is a comprehensive list of everything that makes up the Wired Minds sound:

1965 Fender Jaguar
1995 Rickenbacker 330
1983 Gibson Les Paul custom
Vox AC30 HW
Marshall Plexi
Roland jc120
Jupiter 8V
Korg Polysix
Tascam 388
Slate Digital
Native Instruments Machine

How important are videos to your music?

We’re convinced that a great video can strongly enhance the mood of a song. “Strange Kind of Love” is our first video, and our goal is to release one for each single.

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