Making Noise – The High Violets

There used to be a time when I would receive between 5 and 30 physical CDs per week. With more download and streaming services available, they now come via email which arguably makes things easier. Now I get that many per day. When the actual CD Heroes and Halos from The High Violets recently showed up, it caught my attention.

These dreampop vets sound like a delirious mix of Lush and Slowdive, and their fifth album finds them looking to the skies, a cathedral of color, a stadium of sound. They’re from Portland, Oregon. They’ve been doing this for years. They know where all your buttons are and exactly how to push them. Like an open-mouth kiss, an unexpected present from a secret admirer, Heroes and Halos makes your ears ring with joy and your heart thump with wonder.

Rolling Stone Magazine: “The High Violets – Shimmering, starry-eyed ethereality.”

Big Takeover: “Contains all the hallmarks of great shoegaze.”

Magnet Magazine: “Kaitlyn ni Donovan has a voice that would melt the Jesus And Mary Chain’s heart”

The High Violets Heroes & Halos was released April 1, 2016 on Saint Marie Records.

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