Needle Announces New Release – The Long View

On the longest day of what seems like the longest year, my band Needle is announcing its latest collection of music The Long View. While the official release date is set for July 17th, you can preorder this release today which comes with an immediate download of the song “Her.” You can also stream the song below.

Once shelter in place took hold, Needle reunited to work on a new batch of music. Some of these songs have been around for awhile and some are newer. In the same way that a dormant desert seed has known water will eventually come, The Long View is about awakening from a long slumber and reclaiming oneself after being lost and forgotten on the outskirts.

We enlisted Dana Colley (Morphine, Twinemen, Vapors of Morphine) to play saxophone on a few tracks and Kramer (Low, Galaxie 500, Daniel Johnston) once again mastered the project.

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