Making Noise – Body/Negative

22 year old queer, nonbinary ambient artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Andy Schiaffino combines rich textures, the nostalgic hiss of tape, and field recordings into loop-based glimpses of songs on their first full-length release as body / negative. “Fragments” is due October 2020 on Track Number Records.

Schiaffino’s upbringing lent a hand to the music they’d make in their adulthood. Raised in a Catholic, Spanish-speaking immigrant family, they grew up on classical music and opera, even practicing classical piano as a child, which fostered an undying love for all things paradisiacal. Becoming bored by the confines of classical piano in their adolescence, Schiaffino began writing short, field recording-based ambient works, often recorded in lo-fi capacities and living as unfinished, perfectly imperfect pieces. Schiaffino would continue to write and record privately until the creation of their pseudonym body / negative in late 2018.

Today they release the new single and share the new video for album opener Figure 8, a cover of a cover that was originally a children’s song on the educational cartoon Schoolhouse Rock, made popular by Elliott Smith’s cover. Schiaffino creates a new life for the song, inspired by electronic luminaries The Caretaker and William Basinski. Figure 8 is a hauntingly fragile track, reminiscent of what would emit from your record player as you play a dusty and scratched record. The video is directed by Bailey Kobelin, and frames up an honest insight into the humanity of the sex work profession.

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