Deer Pilot – No Cause For Concern

Los Angeles based artist Deer Pilot shares their debut track No Cause For Concern, an indie-folk track that brings more to the genre than the usual singer-songwriters that we know. The song starts off with just a guitar and the relaxed voice of Bobby Danzi but builds over the chorus with orchestration that add to the ebb and flow. The artist mentions Alternative Rock music of the 1990s as an influence and I can hear that, albeit on the softer side.

No Cause For Concern tells of a misguided struggle – a quarter life crisis most people find all too familiar. The loss of a job, a long distance relationship, and seemingly no clear path in life drove songwriter Bobby Danzi into despair, only to realize that there is nothing to do but to lean into the discomfort and trudge ahead. All in all, it is no cause for concern.

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