The Lines Are Evidently Crossed (MP3)

I recently won a full version of Pro Tools 9 from Avid in a re-tweeting contest.  This was perfect timing as I’ve been planning on upgrading some parts of my recording set-up. New additions to my studio include a new Mac Pro, some plug-ins and an Axiom Pro 61 midi controller.

After all of the new items arrived, I wanted to make sure everything worked properly before taking on larger projects.  I created my first session, found a simple drum beat and laid down a straight-forward piano track.  I then did another keyboard track on top of that.

A few days later my friend Dave Ehrenfried stopped by and, after watching It Might Get Loud, he put down the guitar track. While listening I could hear a telephone conversation taking place during the music. I did a quick search and found some old phone calls from Lyndon B. Johnson.  It was pretty quick and dirty but it worked!

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