Room Acoustics 101 with Peter Freedman

While reading through the latest edition of Tape Op Magazine I noticed an ad for RODE TV described as “Exclusive Videos For The Musician & Engineer.” I’ve been really impressed over the past year or so with the quality and breadth of musician-related how-to videos. Websites and Blogs such as the Pro Tools Expert Blog, Winksound and The Recording Revolution produce a ton of videos that keep me eup-to-date on recording tips and techniques. RODE TV is now part of that list.

In the video above, RODE Microphones founder and company president Peter Freedman gives a quick DIY class on improving room acoustics. Using basic and inexpensive materials Peter demonstrates how to turn a fairly standard room environment into a make-shift vocal booth. I’ve recently added an [amazon_link id=”B000FYUVV4″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]sE Electronics Reflection Filter[/amazon_link] to my home studio and plan to combine the treatments above.

One additional tip that I would add to this video would be to pick up some covers that are aesthetically pleasing. This will not only make your room sound better but look better too.

Now I’m off to watch more videos at RODE TV.

If you know of other musician-related how-to video sites, please post them in our comments section below.

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