Hands On – sE Reflexion Filter Review

Last year, in additional to the usual software upgrades, I added the sE Reflexion Filter to my home studio. I’ve been looking into a few different options regarding vocal isolation without building a vocal booth and this unit, although somewhat expensive, seemed like the best solution. I lucked out and saved a few dollars by finding one on eBay.

If you get a chance to watch the video below, you’ll notice how well-built this filter is. That also makes it very heavy. When it first arrived, my On-Stage tripod based mic stand couldn’t support the filter without tipping over. I did a little research and found the Atlas Sound MS25 heavy-duty studio stand. Not only could this stand support the Reflexion Filter, but the base of the Atlas stand is smaller than the tripod version giving me some much-needed room in my studio.

I wanted to add the filter to my studio to help with isolation issues and to take the room, which really doesn’t have proper acoustic treatment, out of my vocal tracks. Below is the first real session that I did after setting up the sE Reflexion Filter. I used a Studio Projects C3 microphone into a Sebatron vmp-2000e preamp. While there isn’t really another track to compare it to, I am happy with the results. This song is called “Far” and it’s available on Saint Timothy’s by Needle.

For more information on the sE Reflexion Filter, please visit www.seelectronics.com

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