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Soundtoys is giving away a free plug-in called Little Radiator™. It’s a unique twist on the classic sound of the Altec 1566A tube mic preamp and, for a limited time (until March 29th), it’s totally free. I’ve been using their Devil-Loc plug-in to add some dirt to my recordings. It was a freebie last year. To get your free Little Radiator plug-in from Soundtoys use the sharing code: 251-6890-855 or visit

From Soundtoys:

Little Radiator is a unique twist on the classic sound of the Altec 1566A tube mic preamp. Imagine a tube mic preamp, maybe even slightly misaligned, that drives and breaks in a very interesting way creating all sorts of pleasant harmonics. Great to fatten up bass, guitar, drums, or vocals. And it’s fantastic on electric piano. Use a tiny bit or a whole lot. Little Radiator has boatloads of color, character, grit, warmth… well, you get the point. All the things you need to shake the “clean” off of your computer recording.

Radiator. Coming April 2012

This upgrade from Little Radiator is based on the Altec 1567A (the 1566A’s big brother). It’s the next level in this classic sound with extra control and an extra SoundToys twist. Details coming soon.

A Bit of History

The unmistakable green-faced Altec gear, and in particular the 1566A and 1567A, played a big part in shaping the early “sound” of Motown between 1961 to 1964. Songs by greats like The Four Tops, The Marvelettes and The Supremes went through a 1567A mixer to the massive three track recorder. Ahhh, when life was simple. These mic preamps and mixers have a very colored warm sound and are very loud. The EQ is as simple as it gets, with one knob for bass, and another for treble. After Motown, and after much gear came and went, analog diehards began seeking out the 1566A and 1567A as inexpensive sources for real tube sound. Producer Matt Wallace was a very big fan. Butch Vig and Billy Bush are also fans. Check out our Gear Closet on the 1567A for even more info.

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