A.I.R. Music Technology Introduces Ignite

I’ve always been interested in some sort of recording software that could be used as a sketch pad to quickly and easily record musical ideas. Ideally this could be installed on my Mac Book or even an iPad and, with a microphone and small midi controller, quickly get started recording. Ignite which was just released by A.I.R. Music Technology is described as ‘a discrete, standalone music ideation and creation software, built from the ground up to spark creative ideas and enable musicians to build songs in an organic fashion”.

A.I.R. claims that Ignite 1.0 is focused specifically on the keyboardist?s workflow. I would hope that you could at least record tracks from a microphone as well. A new series of M-Audio Axiom A.I.R. Controllers have also been announced and Ignite will be packaged with each keyboard. The Axiom A.I.R. Series will be available from musical instrument retailers in mid-October of this year.

We’d like to thank Sound On Sound for their video from NAMM.

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