IsoAcoustics Speaker Stands at AES 2012 in San Francisco

IsoAcoustics demonstrated their speaker stands at AES in San Francisco. They placed one set of studio monitors on their speaker stands and another set of monitors sat directly on the desktop surface. Using music that people are familiar with, it was very easy to hear the difference between the two sets of speakers. In this video, Dave Morrison shows us his speaker stands and describes what makes them sound so good.

From the IsoAcoustics Website:

IsoAcoustics Speaker StandsIsoAcoustics speaker stands are built with a unique, patented isolation technology that allows your speakers to “float” in free space, letting you hear authentic, uncoloured sound.

These ultimate speaker stands effectively eliminate energy transfer to surrounding surfaces. Bass becomes tighter. Overall imaging is enhanced. Your speakers perform to their full potential. And because ISO-L8R155 speaker stands also allow you to raise and tilt your speakers, tweeters are always at ear level, providing the optimal listening position.

Whether you’re a pro mixing in the studio – a musician creating in a home project environment – or an audiophile who appreciates every nuance of music and sound – you’ll hear and appreciate the difference with the ISO-L8R155 audio speaker stand. It’s simply the best investment you can make for superior audio.

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