Vocal Master Class from iZotope using Nectar

When using new software or plug-ins, you’ll want to get the most out them. Many times, in addition to the purchase of these programs, I’ll pick up a set of training videos to maximize my understanding of how to use them. With the recent release of Nectar Elements from iZotope, the company has also published a free 8-part Vocal Master Class. You can download a 10 day trial of the plug-in then follow along with the training videos to see if Nectar is right for you.

From iZotope:

Everything from mic placement to reverb settings can make or break the perfect vocal take. Fortunately there are plenty of best practices for getting the most out of your vocals, both when you’re tracking and when you’re mixing.

Tune in as Britain’s John Perry (professional singer, vocal arranger, and producer) guides you through an 8-part Vocal Master Class featuring both Nectar and Nectar Elements.

Bonus: You can even download the demo song to follow along on your own!

For more information, please visit www.izotope.com/products/audio/nectar/protips.asp

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