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It’s been over a month since we had a Making Noise post so today we’ll share both the video and a download of the debut single Ghost from RÁJ. Shot on location in Budapest, amidst grey skies, rain puddles, and old city streets, it tells the story of a woman whose brittle hands and mournful visage belie the lavish attention she gets from the men around the city.

More about RÁJ’s debut single “Ghost” and its video:

Much of the video is about movement: trams running through the beautiful cityscape, bus rides, rain drops, walking home from work. But it is also about stasis: about the invisibility we battle on a daily basis, stuck in patterns and relationships and roles that we feel powerless to change.

In other words, the video is about being a ghost. Or, as Heidegger would say, it’s about fallenness. While it might be a little much to call RÁJ a modern-day Heidegger, he’s clearly onto something poignant here.

Mirroring the track itself, which explodes into a huge, mournful hook after a couple of minutes of gentle acoustic guitars and childlike vocal snippets, the video for “Ghost” eventually explodes into a montage suggesting our heroine’s decaying mental state, detailing her lack of footing in this cruel world. She runs through the streets, naked and alone, depraved and desperate.

The whole thing suggests a nostalgia for a lost innocence, and it further confirms RÁJ as an up and coming visionary, sure to set your heart on fire.

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