Reverend Guitars at NAMM

We caught up with Joe Naylor, the Founder and Designer of Reverend Guitars at NAMM 2014. He was kind enough to show The Noise Room a few of the things they are working on this year including the new Reeves Gabrels Spacehawk and the new Pete Anderson HB Custom. Check them out for yourselves.

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Video production by John Ganem.

Details on the Reeves Gabrels Spacehawk and the Pete Anderson HB Custom Guitars:

Reeves Gabrels Spacehawk – The second signature Reverend from The Cure guitarist Reeves Gabrels (formerly with David Bowie, Tin Machine) takes semi-hollow design to another level. The highly resonant body coupled with the revolutionary Railhammer Chisel pickups make for a versatile and uniquely responsive guitar that handles everything from woody clean to high gain mean. Unique features include: forearm contour, sealed body for controlled feedback, on-off toggle switch, custom soft-touch tremolo spring, and push-pull phase switch (in the tone control) to push the sonic boundaries. Finally, an innovative semi-hollow for cutting edge players!

Pete Anderson HB Custom – The popular PA-1 platform now with Classic H humbuckers, for a smooth, thick tone! Reverend has teamed up with country/roots-rock guitar legend and Grammy winning artist/producer Pete Anderson to design this customized hollowbody. Pete wanted a classic hollow sound and look, but with the ability to play at higher volumes without uncontrollable feedback. So we developed the innovative Uni-Brace, that not only addresses feedback, but also enhances sustain, durability, and clarity. Unique features include: bushing mounted bridge, “R” embossed knobs, back sprayed/logoed pickguard, and 15th fret neck/body joint for better high fret access.

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