Keeley Electronics Guitar Effects Pedals at NAMM 2014

Here at The Noise Room we are very interested in the latest guitar effects pedals and at NAMM 2014 there was no shortage of pedals to check out. In this video Robert Keeley, the designer and owner of Keeley Electronics demos some of the new products they have available or will be releasing soon. Take a listen to the new Seafoam Chorus, Red Dirt Overdrive, Bassist Compressor, and the Compressor Pro.

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Video production by John Ganem.

More about the new Seafoam Chorus Effect Pedal and Red Dirt Overdrive:

Keeley Electronics is proud to announce the new Seafoam Chorus effect pedal. This digital chorus has been designed from the ground up to have the voicing and meticulous attention to detail that you expect from Keeley products. The Seafoam Chorus has a small footprint with a huge range of versatility.  It’s perfect for subtle and smooth or splashy and exotic; with the controls – Rate, Depth, Tone, and Blend, it’s simple to find your creative muse with this tone tool.  With professionals and studios in mind we have employed several innovations that set this chorus above the rest.  Powered by the ES56033 and using a opto-coupler for unique way to control the depth, this Keeley chorus pedal is another unique design and first in the effects world. The first 100 customers will receive a free Seafoam T-shirt and your unit will be hand signed by Robert Keeley.

The Red Dirt overdrive began from a quest to find the perfect classic drive sound while also offering new levels of sonic versatility to satisfy a wider range of musical styles. Founder and head engineer Robert Keeley took this idea and combined the great sounds found within his original “Mod Plus” and “Baked” modified pedals and added refinements found exclusively in his custom pedal line.  By incorporating these tones along with the Keeley standard of U.S.A. hand-built quality using premium components, the Red Dirt overdrive aims to become an indispensable part of any pedal chain.

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