Teye Guitars at NAMM 2014

“Put a mediocre guitar thru a great amp and the amp will do a beautiful job in amplifying mediocrity,” says Teye, Designer and Owener of Teye Guitars, “thus I feel the need to make a guitar that has, like a built-in tone generator, then I can filter out what I do not want at any given time.” One of the things that sets Teye apart from other builders is the fact that his philosophy as a luthier is based on a quarter-century of playing the guitar around the world as a fully professional performing and recording musician. At NAMM 2014, we got to look at the new Coyote and the A-Series from Teye Guitars.

For more information on Teye Guitars, please visit www.teye.com

Video production by John Ganem.

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