B.C. Rich Mockingbird Plus FR Debuts at NAMM

Inspired by the successful Mockingbird ST, the new B.C. Rich Mockingbird Plus FR delivers the features which attracted players at nearly half the price. The Noise Room was able to get a look at the new line at NAMM 2014. Scott Henthorn from B.C. Rich showed us some of the features including the Floyd Rose bridge, a mahogany body, and the traditional B.C. Rich three on three headstock. Originally released in 1976, the B.C. Rich Mockingbird is ranked as “The Coolest Guitar of All Time”. With its eye catching design, the guitar has a noted list of users that include Slash, Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), Chuck Schuldiner (Death), Paolo Gregoletto (Trivium) and Rick Derringer.

For more information on B.C. Rich Guitars, please visit www.bcrich.com

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