Wanted – Gig Posters and Flyers

From the hand-drawn posters of 60’s to the current computer generated images shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, I’ve always been a fan of poster art. We’ve decided to start displaying some of these digital flyers at The Noise Room. And, as a shameless plug, we’re starting off with our own Noise Room Presents show flyer supplied to us from Rustangs. On Thursday, February 13th, Elle Belle, Sandy’s, and Rustangs will take the stage at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco, CA.

Feel free to send us your digital poster or flyer and we’ll try to post it. Please include any information associated with the event such as location, time, and artists. We may include links to your music as well. The only thing we ask is that it’s at least 565 pixels wide and optimized for web viewing. Also, try to get it to us a few weeks before your event so we have time to display it. Please note that we can’t promise to post everything we receive. Send what you have to thenoiseroom [at] gmail.com.

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