Interview with Soft Swells

The Noise Room will be presenting Soft Swells, Elle Belle, and Misty Boyce at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco, CA on Friday, September 1st. We’ve asked each of the artists performing that a few questions about what they are up to and their experiences in San Francisco. Today we have Soft Swells:

Congratulations on your latest release “Be Young” which came out May 26th, 2017. Can you give us a little background on the album?

The songs on “Be Young” is my reaction to becoming a first time father. I found out that my wife Sabrina and I were expecting halfway through a month long tour for our last album, so it only made sense that I would have a lot of material for the next one. I actually didn’t think I would be physically able to write and record songs anymore, but luckily, I have some really amazing friends like Absofacto and Big Data who encouraged and helped me complete this record – along with Kyle Fredrickson, Chris Pappas, Jack Lawless and my longtime producer and friend Dave Lynch.

How do you see this fitting in with your other work?

This record really feels like the counterpart to my last solo “Tim Williams” record called “Careful Love.” Both albums had a real purpose for coming into my life in the way that the songs I wrote helped guide me through some pretty pivotal times.

What were some of the challenges in recording this album?

Time and energy were two things I didn’t have as raising a new born is all encompassing. I also had a number of different people involved in the production which I think makes the record extremely dynamic.

You’re on the road fairly regularly. Are you more comfortable in the studio or on the stage?

Actually neither. I’m most comfortable writing lots of songs alone.(Haha) The studio is fun, but can be stressful. Touring can be fun but also depressing – especially financially. That said, this record was my most fun to record, and this touring cycle has been by far my favorite. Ask anyone in the band, they would attest to my happiness this time around!

Speaking of live shows, you’re based in Los Angeles and will be playing in San Francisco at the Hemlock Tavern on Friday, Sept 1st. Do you get to San Francisco often?

Not as often as we like! Our last show in SF was with a band called Pillar Point on the last day of a West Coast run. I don’t remember where we played, but I do remember eating one of the best burritos of my life afterwards.

You’ve released some great videos throughout the years. How important are videos to your music?

The right video can add another layer to the song. I am very fortunate to have friends like Dylan Marko Bell and Russell August Anderson who have elevated my songs with their incredible work.

What does the future hold for Soft Swells?

More shows, more songs, and another record!

Photo by Kyle Dean Reinford

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