Lily & The Parlour Tricks – SXSW Artist Preview

Lily & The Parlour Tricks is a pop/rock band from New York City, comprised of Lily Claire (songwriter, lead singer), Brian Kesley (bass), Darah Golub (singer), Morgane Moulherat (singer), Terry Moore (drums), Angelo Spagnolo (guitar). Lily’s songwriting influences range from The Andrews Sisters to The White Stripes, with equally heavy doses of modern pop and early rock n’ roll. “Combining dissonant guitar riffs with angelic vocal harmonies” says The Wild Magazine, “Lily & The Parlour Tricks are the perfect combo of pretty and gritty.” Belle Gunness their single, described by The Deli Magazine as a “tense, stomping electric gospel [which] definitely takes things to the next level through a new-found sonic boldness,” is featured in the new BMW 3 Series Diesel commercial “No Choice.” With their soaring harmonies and raucous attitude, the sweet and salty Tricks keep their audiences dancing and howling for more.

As a lead-up to South by Southwest, The Noise Room is talking to bands and artists performing at SXSW. If you’ll be playing at SXSW and want to be interviewed, please contact us. Here’s what Lily & The Parlour Tricks had to say:

What do like most about playing at SXSW?

The fast pace. We like the challenge of only having a short amount of time to get and keep peoples’ attention amidst a sea of other bands trying to do the same thing. Sounds stressful, and I guess it is. But, as with any show in any town, the opportunity to play for new audiences and get ’em dancing is our job and our great pleasure. That’s why we’re here.

Are you out promoting anything?

We just released our first single of 2014, “Requiem”. We’ve been making a pretty big shift musically and we’re pretty proud to have “Requiem” as the gateway. Another few singles and larger releases are in the works for this year as well. But really, we’ve spent the last few months recording so much new stuff and revamping our live show, so it seems like we’re actually promoting the “new us”. Tricks 2.0.

Are there any bands or musicians that you are looking forward to checking out?

The best thing at festivals like this is stumbling on amazing bands we’ve never heard of before. We look forward to that feeling of walking into a random show blind and being blown away.

What are the challenges for you or your band when playing at SXSW?

We have a lot of self-imposed challenges this year, since we’re working on all this new music with new elements – synths and things. It’s a constant challenge, but we’re rehearsing all the time. Also to be able to get our point across and get people interested during such short sets is incredibly challenging but also that’s the fun of it. That’s why we want to play the festival. Keeps us on our toes.

Do you have any survival tips for those attending SXSW?

Hydrate. Earplugs. Breakfast tacos. Sleep.

Are you more “stick around, check out music and enjoy the scene” or “play as many shows as possible then get out”?

This year we have the luxury of being able to actually stick around and check out the music. Last time we were at SXSW, we played 10 shows in 4 days and had absolutely no down time.  This year will mercifully be more relaxed and definitely allow us to check out other bands, which we love to do.

What are your SXSW Show Times?

Friday, March 14:  4:05PM – Big Picture Media Showcase – Blind Pig (317 E 6th Street)
Saturday, March 15 – 11PM – SXSW Official Showcase – Esther’s Follies (525 E 6th Street)

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