Free SoundToys Plug-in – Little PrimalTap

For the third year in a row, SoundToys is giving away a free plug-in which was introduced at South by Southwest. This year its the new Little PrimalTap. Inspired by the classic Prime Time* from 1978, Little PrimalTap captures the highly distinctive sonic imprint of this quirky, and well-loved (by those in the know) vintage digital delay.

While this plug-in is free right now, if you wait too long, you might not be able to get it. You have until March¬†28th 2014 to download it but you will need a code first. Good thing is that we have one for you to use. It’s 371-0889-999 or click on the link

More about Little PrimalTap from Soundtoys:

THE PRIMAL SOUND – The Prime Time was used by a wide variety of artists back in the 80’s (that was it’s prime, heh) for rich guitar delay, chorus, flange and such, and it did a great job with those things but the really unique character of it’s sound came from one of it’s limitations. In an attempt to get more out of the technology (and probably stay under budget) it had a feature called Multiply that halved the sample rate each time the delay was doubled. Sound weird? It does indeed. And it’s just the kind of weird that we love.

TWIST AND SHOUT – On this little beast, turning knobs is where it’s at and that’s how you get to hear all the oddities it can create. The Multiply knob supplies extra delay time that has drastic tonal changes with each increase. The Adjust knob creates pitch shifts, chorus, or flange when moved. The Feedback and Input drive tie it all together to allow for sounds just not found on any of the “normal” delay plug-ins. Abnormal is the new black.

FEEDBACK LOOP – Yes, the Feedback can go infinite, and do everything from classic delay style looping to old school sci-fi space noise. Oh, and we doubled the massive 256ms of delay time from the original (128ms if you had the non-expanded one) to 512ms so you’ve got some serious looping power if you need it. It’s ok to let it get out of control, unlike the old days where you could blow your speakers (or your ears) if you didn’t stay on top of the feedback. Little PrimalTap lets you use it as another layer of sonic color, and even opens the door for synthesizer type sounds.

Here is the share code to get you free SoundToys Little PrimalTap plug-in: 371-0889-999 or click on the link

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