SoundToys Plug-in – Little AlterBoy

Once again, SoundToys is giving away a free plug-in which was introduced at South by Southwest. This year it’s a vocal transforming pitch plug called Little AlterBoy. Soundtoys’ roots are in the pioneering days of pitch-shifting and Little AlterBoy delivers big. It is designed to do a whole slew of classic vocal tricks from past and present, like the ever popular hard tuning, octave DJ FX, Robot voices, gender shifting, and more.

While Little AlterBoy is free right now, if you wait too long, you might not be able to get it. You have until April 1st, 2015 (no fooling) to download it but you will need a code first. Good thing is that we have one for you to use. Here’s the sharing code you will need: 387-1276-043

Free copy of free copy of Little AlterBoy Plug-in

Or just click on this link:

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