Jam Pedals at the 2018 NAMM Show

One of the more colorful booths at the 2018 NAMM Show was from Jam Pedals. They develop effect pedals that address a wide array of applications and styles, honoring those that came before us while claiming a spot in what is yet-to-come.

Jam Pedals’ “Pink Flow” is the first multi-pedal of the new “Tribute Series Multi-pedals”, packed with all the colors JAM pedals offer to nail those legendary David Gilmour tones from the classic Pink Floyd albums.

Effects included:

1. Seagull: the seagull effect heard in “Echoes”

2. Dyna-ssoR: A realisation of our inspiration to combine a Ross Compressor and an MXR DynaComp using the extremely rare NOS CA3080 chip.

3. TubeDreamer58: a JRC4558D equipped 808 style overdrive offering a carefully tuned, midrange frequency register, that delivers warm and rich overdriven sound through any amp. Features a high gain toggle-switch.

4. Red Muck MKII : a Fuzz / Distortion pedal, inspired from the circuits of the ’71 “triangle” and the later “Red Army / Civil War” Muff. The MKII features a second footswitch for extra oomph, and a two-position toggle-switch for stock or “+” modes!

5. WaterFall: a smooth, lush-sounding Chorus / Vibrato pedal, featuring BBD chips, with 2 toggle-switches, one to select between chorus and vibrato modes, and another to switch to a wetter effect!

6. Ripple: Smooth, sweet and transparent 2-stage phaser pedal.

7. Delay Llama+: A fully analog, BBD chip, delay pedal with a maximum delay time of 600ms, HOLD function, and Delay Time expression control!

For more informations, visit: https://www.jampedals.com/

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