Supro Guitars and Amps at NAMM 2019

Supro is one of the original Rock & Roll music brands. Manufactured in Chicago from 1935 to 1968, Supro amplifiers and guitars can be heard on landmark recordings by iconic artists such as Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones and David Bowie. Revived in 2013, Supro now offers a curated range of vintage-inspired guitars, basses, tube amps and pedals that capture the legendary Supro sound.

We caught up with Supro at NAMM 2019 to check out their latest amplifiers and guitars.

Our host, John Ganem has edited movies and television shows including CSI, Person of Interest, and most recently, Gotham. Saving Zoe is John’s latest movie which should be out next month. His documentary work on Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream was nominated for an Oscar and an Emmy. John’s wife describes him as “a filmmaker who just happens to be a musician, obsessed with the minutiae level of instruments, and the ongoing search for ‘that sound’.” Currently John is producing the podcast “Sounds Off with Abby Travis.” For more information, visit

Special thanks to camera operator China Kong Cammell.

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