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UK-based songwriter, vocalist and producer Superheart shares his latest track Don’t Look Down just in time for the lazy dog days of summer. But this isn’t a normal summer where a song like this would permeate late-night gatherings or morning coffees on the deck. Now the dreamy, almost anthemic Don’t Look Down gives us some hope during the shelter-in-place lifestyle that many are still trying to get used to. Superheart sings “I still wake up every morning though a wave may come without a warning…it’s okay I just don’t look down” and it seems like most of us are also waiting for the next wave.

The song starts off sounding like a Daniel Lanois production but quickly comes into its own as the soft yet assuring vocals enter. Guitars and pianos build a lush soundscape over a drum track that doesn’t push too hard. Horns and solo guitar intertwine to add to the build of the song. Whether your summer day is just starting or coming to its end, Don’t Look Down makes for a contemplative soundtrack.

From the artist:

Talented songwriter, vocalist and producer Superheart brings beauty to the world with his touching, poignant and ambient sound. Penning the human experience and pairing it with emotionally charged soundscapes, the UK talent has become a trailblazer in the dreamy, indie-pop music sphere. Continuing to bring innovative and passionate music to the table, Superheart now returns with his new single Don’t Look Down.

If there was one way to describe how Superheart‘s music makes you feel, then it would feel like the warmth of being wrapped in a blanket and reminiscing on the best times of your life. Superheart has a knack for creating music that envelops you, taking you out of your own world into a place infinitely better and with that, we hope this music brings a little bit of solace.

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