Leon in the Wild – You Can Leave A Mess in Here

In keeping with our dog days of summer theme, we have a new song from Leon in the Wild called You Can Leave A Mess in Here. After releasing his debut single Fade in May 2020, which caught the attention of many reputable blogs and playlisters, this is his follow-up track.

But instead of the late-night after-party vibes of Don’t Look Down from Superheart, this track takes you on a road trip where one came be, and become, themselves as they drive into a new life. The soft jangly guitars with a gentle but steady drum track puts you behind the wheel as you watch your old world slip into the past and the assuring yet relaxed vocals let you know the future will be alright.

From the Artist:

Leon in the Wild is the self-produced project of indie artist Leon. Hailing from the sunny beaches in Northern California, Leon in the Wild’s music pulls from a variety of influences ranging from super-bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys to 90s heroes like The Smashing Pumpkins, Eels, and Built to Spill and indie bands like The Smith Westerns, Pond, The Honeysticks, and Pinegrove. “I’ve always made music while staying in the background,” says Leon. “I’ve always been the guitarist, the producer/engineer, the person mixing/mastering, background vocalist, etc. This is my first step into the wild as myself. My first shot at making something that’s just me. It’s really vulnerable to do something like this, but it’s also been so empowering and encouraging. I’ve met so many amazing people through this process who have offered so much support and help. And as a solo project, I feel like i’m finally able to embrace the things that make me who I am and express that through my music. I’m just starting out, but I’m excited to continue to grow as a musician in this wild world and share more.

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