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I apologize for my lack of postings lately. I’ve had a few projects over the summer that have limited my ability to stay in touch as much as I wanted to. Things have pretty much cleared up now so I hope to be back on track.

One thing that I wanted to do during this hiatus, when the thought occurred to me, was to post some short tips and ideas about submitting a CD for review. At OnlineRock we receive up to 100 CDs a month for consideration. I personally open up every package and some strike me instantly, either in a good or bad way. I wanted to share those initial impressions with you in hopes that it would help others when submitting music, not just at OnlineRock but anywhere.

I recently received a CD from a pretty well-know publisher that seemed worth checking out. I popped the CD into my computer to listen to it in iTunes. Apparently they didn’t enter the new CD into Gracenote’s database and therefore I couldn’t determine the track name,s CD title or even band name without some effort. I know you probably think “What effort? Just look at the CD cover” but sometimes there is no cover.

In case you don’t know, Gracenote is the company that stores all of the track info for each CD so that when you put a CD into iTunes, the information pops up and you don’t have to type it in.  It’s really easy to submit your new CD to their database. Just insert your CD into iTunes, type in the proper information (band name, CD title and track titles) then under advances, click on “Submit CD Track Names”. In a short period of time, your CD will be in the database and anyone who puts the CD into iTunes will have all the information right in front of them. We do it with all of our CDs as soon as we get the master back and before it goes to the duplicator.

Well that’s my tip for today. Until next time…

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