Creating a One-Sheet

At OnlineRock, we received around 50 to 100 CDs every month from artists and PR firms looking to get some sort of coverage. These packages include anything from just the CD to elaborate photographs and multi-paged biographies. Some include candy, stickers and buttons but what’s actually the most helpful for us is a quality one-sheet.

A one-sheet is just that, one sheet of paper (it can be a PDF as well) with just the most important facts about the band or CD. In this new Twitter world we live in, the key is being concise and clear. The most important ingredients of a one-sheet, in my opinion, are listed below.

1. Band and CD Name.
2. Short Biography
3. Three short press quotes.
4. Key Tracks (this could be the single) and indicate if any can be included on podcasts or as a free download.
5. RIYL (recommended if you like) to give readers an idea if they would enjoy this artist.
6. Small picture of CD cover and/or Band.
7. Marketing highlights such as radio promo, ads in publications and tours.
8. Contact info with names, emails, phone numbers and websites.

I’m sure there are other items that help make a release stand out but these are what’s important for me. Please feel free to add your own.

Originally published at OnlineRock

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