How do you tell if an artist has a loyal/engaged fan base?

I was recently asked to comment on this subject as a guest blogger for FanBridge. Below is my response:

I tend to look at the interaction of fans on artist’s social networking sites. Facebook and Twitter seem to have a built-in screening process but MySpace has become a numbers game. I still use it as an online one-sheet but I don’t gauge the popularity of an artist by the quantity of friends but rather the quality of comments.

If an artist has nothing but solicitations from other people in their comment section, I feel that the fans, as well as the artist aren’t taking their music or image seriously. These comments deter others from posting legitimate messages and, if press or industry is looking at your site, can lead to a negative impression.

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How do you tell if an artist has a loyal/engaged fan base? (Guest Series Part IV)

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