Elbow – Rocket Science

I interviewed Elbow’s bassist, Pete Turner, a few weeks before the release of build a rocket boys! The album is now available and debuted at #1 on the US Billboard New Artist Charts. Posted here is a mini-documentary on the making of the album called Rocket Science, created by the UK’s Channel 4 which aired last week.

Not to be overly focused on Elbow lately but I truly respect what they represent in the current landscape of the music business. I’ve often commented on longevity and where many bands are short-lived, Elbow has been together for nearly twenty years. Their slow-build includes winning the Mercury Prize for their last record.

This short documentary provides some snippets into the creation and recording of build a rocket boys! along with some history of the band. It also gives us a glimpse into Blueprint Studios (Elbow’s self-proclaimed spiritual home), shows off some of the gear that the band uses, and offers a little taste of their use of Pro Tools.


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