Give Your Fans A Reason To Buy; Make Direct-to-Fan Work – SXSW Panel Preview with Brendan Moore

Brendan Moore is the Product Manager at Front Gate Tickets where he builds out ticketing and marketing solutions for festivals, venues, and artists.  He also runs Receptive Music, a side project that offers digital marketing services to artists using proven direct-to-fan strategies and implementation. He will be moderating the Give Your Fans A Reason To Buy; Make Direct-to-Fan Work panel at South by Southwest on Friday, March 16th, 2012 from 2:00PM to 3:00PM in the Austin Convention Center, Room 15. We asked Brendan a few questions about the panel:

What was your interest in creating this panel and how does it relate to your background?

I’ve been working digital marketing campaigns for artists for the last four years, and have really seen the power of marketing directly to your fans and setting up a sustainable career from doing so.  With the tools that have been developed in the last few years alone with platforms like Topspin, Bandcamp, and PledgeMusic, I’d love to see every size of artist utilizing some basic direct-to-fan tactics that would make a tremendous impact on their marketing efforts.  There’s so much to lose in not doing so.

Who else is on the panel and what do they bring to the subject?

Luckily, I am moderating the panel and was able to pick what I believe to be a great mix of perspectives from some truly bright minds.  We have a fantastic artist manager (Emily White), the DIY #1 funded Kickstarter musician (Julia Nunes), a direct-to-fan platform CEO/Musician (Benji Rogers of PledgeMusic), and a full-time Direct-to-Fan strategist (Nicole St Jean of Topspin Media).

Why is this panel important to musicians?

This panel is important for artists of all types and sizes because it is going to establish a framework for you to put forth a plan to connect and sell to your fans.  Rather than just signing up for every social network and putting your music on iTunes, we’re going to show the benefit of crafting the way you release your content.

What do you hope people will walk away with after attending this panel?

I hope people will walk away of a more detailed knowledge of “why DTF?”, instead of just assuming it’s a trend.  Hopefully people will be inspired to immediately want to put a new strategy in motion, now knowing how to engage their fanbase and sell more effectively to their fans.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We’re excited to see everyone at the panel, and have put together a little website to connect with people, publish DTF resources, and allow people to ask questions prior to the panel that we will discuss at SXSW.  The site is

Best way for people to contact you?

@webmusicguy on Twitter

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