Website Demolition Derby – SXSW Interview with Chris Vinson

Chris Vinson has been helping musicians succeed on the web for 15 years.  Building an online fanbase helped get his band a record deal in the 90s. He then ran the web department at the label, creating websites for multi-platinum selling artists. In 2003, he launched, a DIY artist website platform that now powers tens of thousands of websites around the world. He will be moderating the Website Demolition Derby panel at South by Southwest on Thursday, March 15 from 5:15PM to 6:15PM in the Austin Convention Center, Room 10C. We asked Chris a few questions about the panel:

What was your interest in creating this panel and how does it relate to your background?

As someone who help artists build websites every day, I thought that it would be a great forum to discuss the “best practices” of making an effective website in 2012.

Who else is on the panel and what do they bring to the subject?

Ethan Kaplan – VP Product, Live Nation and Bob Moczydlowsky – VP Product and Marketing, Topspin Media. Before joining Live Nation, Ethan ran the technology department at Warner Bros. records.  Bob has a varied background in music technology, and as part of the team at Topspin is building tools that power thousands of artist websites.

Why is this panel important to musicians?

A great artist website can do a lot of things; grow a fanbase, create a closer connection with existing fans, and create new revenue streams.  By looking at several websites, we can break down what works and want doesn’t.

What do you hope people will walk away with after attending this panel?

The goal is for every musician to walk away with practical ideas on how they can make their web presence more effective.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

If any artists that will be attending would like their website to be reviewed by the panel tweet me @bandzoogle

Best way for people to contact you?

@bandzoogle on Twitter

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