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South by Southwest 2013 is still almost eight months away but you can start to make your plans now. Badges are currently on sale, hotel reservations are filling up quickly and airline tickets are still relatively inexpensive.  Also, you can now vote for panels and presentations via the SXSW PanelPicker. The PanelPicker is a two-step process that allows the SXSW community to propose and then vote on ideas that they would like to learn more about. This year I’ve submitted a panel suggestion entitled Apps & Ideas: Create and Promote Music on an iPad.

If you’ve been reading my posts lately, you’ll notice that I’ve been interested in how musicians, along the industry at large, use the iPad in their day-to-day activities. My goal with this panel is to bring together musicians, publicists and creative types to talk about how they use the iPad and what apps help them the most. I plan on the discussion being more inspirational than technical.

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Apps & Ideas: Create and Promote Music on an iPad

The iPad is a powerful tool in the hands of a musician. In addition to Apple’s Garageband and iMovie, new recording and video editing apps such as Auria and Avid Studio give artists a portable palate to explore their creativity. Along with a calendar and address book, a musician can manage their career completely from the iPad.

This panel will explore how to use the iPad throughout the cycle of creating and recording music, developing videos and promotional materials, and communicating with press and venues. While there will be some technical discussions, our panelists will share tips and thoughts that will inspire those working in all aspects of the music industry.

Proposed Panelists:

Steven Beck – The Noise Room (Moderator)
Heather WestWestern Publicity (Read our interview with Heather from SXSW 2012)
Christopher Pappas – Miracle Parade (Watch Christopher perform using the iPad)
Laura WhitmoreMad Sun Marketing (Read our interview with Laura from SXSW 2012)
Whit AlexanderWhit FX (Watch an interview with Whit on using the iPad for music videos)

For more information and to vote for my panel proposal, please visit

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