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Meet Decorator – five guys who have barely made it out of their teens, and are armed with one hell of a Cali attitude. The band create infectious alt-rock that sounds something like what would happen if Marvin Gaye and Jimi Hendrix hung out together at a GORILLAZ’s concert. Working on their craft for over five years, the band studied at The Silverlake Conservatory (as founded by Red Hot Chill Peppers bassist, Flea) and are generating a heap of local support, with spots on KROQ’s Locals Only Showcase.

As a lead-up to South by Southwest, The Noise Room is talking to bands and artists performing at SXSW. Here’s what Decorator had to say:

What do like most about playing at SXSW?

We haven’t played yet, but we’re extremely pumped to here for the first time.

Are you out promoting anything?

Some new tracks will be coming soon… and a new US. We have a new logo, with stickers and Tshirts, that we’re taking with us! We’re thrilled to see some new faces and make new fans in one of the most hectic, crowded, and prolific music festivals in the world.

Are there any bands or musicians that you are looking forward to checking out?

Haha. The short answer is YES. Especially excited to see some of our friends who have made a nice name for themselves in the last year. To name a few, Caught A Ghost, Gavin Turek, and Myron & E.

What are the challenges for you or your band when playing at SXSW?

Eight shows in five days and counting. That is far and away the most shows we’ve ever had in that amount of time. It’ll be interesting to see what challenges we face, but we know we have a job to do and that it needs to be done. We’re going to have a blast!

Do you have any survival tips for those attending SXSW?

We’re looking for survival tips ourselves! Haha.

Are you more “stick around, check out music and enjoy the scene” or “play as many shows as possible then get out”?

I know that the goal for all of us is definitely both. We have multiple shows a day, but we are going to try to see all the other acts we possibly can. There’s a lot going down for us, but we are the biggest music lovers ever, so we’re making a huge effort to go to shows without burning ourselves out.

What are your SXSW Show Times?

Tuesday March 11:
2:45PM — Red Bull/Jivewired Showcase || The Rooftop – 403 E 6th St.
10PM — Red Gorrilla Showcase Showcase || Handlebar – 121 E 5th St.

Wednesday March 12:
11:45PM — Red Gorilla Showcase || Bourbon Girl – 212 E 6th St.

Thursday March 13:
4PM — Manic Fest Destiny || Rusty’s – 405 E 7th St.

Friday March 14:
3PM — Music Saves Lives || Firehouse Lounge – 605 Brazos St.
6PM — In Sessions On the Porch (Acoustic) || 2610 Manor Rd.

Saturday March 15:
3:30PM — Set .FM Showcase || Hyde Park South – 5421 W Gate Blvd.
9PM — Future Of Music Showcase || Shiner’s Saloon – 422 Congress Ave.

What is the best way for people to contact and connect with you?

Is there anything you’d like to add?

See you there! Get ready for DECORATOR!

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