SXSW Saturday – Suzanne Vega, The Eastern Sea, & The Black Angels

Over the past month we’ve previewed and interviewed over 40 bands and artists playing at South by Southwest. And over the past few days we’ve been posting our recommended shows. Tonight we offer our Saturday shows starting off with Suzanne Vega at the Central Presbyterian Church located at 200 E 8th Street. She did a version of Walk on the Wild Side during the Lou Reed tribute last night. Her set starts at 10:30 PM.

Last year The Eastern Sea was my favorite takeaway from SXSW. They impressed me so much that I saw a couple of their shows. Tonight at midnight they take the stage at Lamberts located at 401 W 2nd Street.

Over the years we’ve been following The Black Angels. Above we have “Evil Things” from the 2013 release Indigo Meadow. The new music video premiered on a few days ago. The band plays at at Clive Bar located at 609 Davis Street starting at 12:30 AM

Have fun tonight, be safe, and we’ll see you next year!

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