The Robbie Robertson “Last Waltz” Stratocaster

There are few guitars that have as much allure to me as the Robbie Robertson Last Waltz Fender Stratocaster. And with the 40th anniversary of The Band‘s final concert last Thanksgiving, a renewed interest in the guitar has taken shape. Fender has recently released an exact replica of the bronzed Stratocaster he used during the historic ‘The Last Waltz’ concert.

The Last Waltz Stratocaster is a rare, unique glimpse into the history of guitar modifications, specifically ones commonly performed in the ‘70s. During this time period there was no such thing as a valuable vintage guitar—there were only “old” guitars that were the perfect platform for experimentation. Pickup swapping, wiring modifications, hardware replacement—nothing was sacred, and everything was tried.

At a list price of $14,500 it’s a bit pricey however you can get a glimpse into the guitar with the above video. Robbie Robertson also recently released an autobiography entitled “Testimony” in which he chronicles his career from his early days with the Hawks to The Band‘s famous Last Waltz concert. If you like to read about rock and roll history, it’s worth adding to your list.

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