Interview with Alexi Glickman of Sandy’s

The Noise Room is presenting its first show ever on Thursday, February 13th at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco, CA. On stage that night will be Elle Belle, Sandy’s, and Rustangs. And as we mentioned before, throughout the month and as a lead up to the show we will feature each band in more depth. Today we have an interview with Alexi Glickman of Sandy’s.

Sandy’s is the latest project from Alexi Glickman and has been playing around San Francisco for about a year. Inspired by Big Star-infused guitar-pop in reverby open tunings, Alexi grew up writing songs and surfing in Santa Monica, and is the son of a choreographer and a scientist. He was previously the singer and guitarist for The Botticellis. We sent Alexi a few questions by email. Check out his interview below.

Can you give us some background Sandy’s? Who’s in the band, how did it come together, what are you up to?

Sandy’s began as a solo project and I’ve been lucky enough to have several talented folks back me up over the the last couple years. For the last several months the lineup has solidified somewhat with Burton Li – guitar, Jeremy Black – drums, and Nick Aives – bass. Mainly just playing fun shows / house parties / BBQs when people ask us to and finishing up the album…

Speaking of the album, how’s that coming along and do you have a release date?

Really pleased with how it came out and stoked to see it released in April…

Do you have your own studio or do you record elsewhere? and what can you tell us about the studio?

I recorded a lot of it at Brett and my little studio called Magic West in Mill Valley. We have a nice little collection of guitars amps and pedals and do a mix of tracking to the TASCAM and overdubbing in logic. The studio is located at Proof Lab Surf Shop next to the indoor skate ramp so it’s a fun zone to play in for sure…

Jeremy Black helped get the drums dialed at his studio Coyote Hearing in Oakland and a good deal of overdubs happened at Burton’s home studio in San Francisco…

Do you use the studio as a songwriting tool or is everything pretty much planned ahead?

To me a good song is made up of interesting melody, harmony, and lyrics. Arrangement, production, and orchestration are fun to play with in the studio once there’s a song…

You’ll be playing at the Hemlock Tavern on Feb 13th. Are you more comfortable in the studio or on the stage?

They are two different worlds. I really enjoy both.

What can we expect from Sandy’s in 2014?

New album, modest touring, starting work on the next record…

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